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Golf Swing Mats

Golf Swing Mats Components:
IM-300F     Rubber Foundation             1560×1560mm
IM-300S     Stance Mat                    1510×1205mm
IM-300H    Hitting Panel                   1510×300mm
IM-405     Rubber Ball Tray                1070×300mm
Hitting panels available with T-grass mat or GreenLush mat.

Have you ever heard the principle of golf swing? The principle use the physical concept to explain golf swing. It sounds too rigid and hard to understand.But you will be interested in swing if you combine your understanding of the correct swing action and your own experience. If you are confused about swing as before, maybe you are in need of a golf swing mat.

We randomly selected 50 golfers to study the swing mats, and investigated their confusion about golf mats and their demand for golf mats and spent one month designing this golf swing mats.This is specially designed for people who need to practice swing. The lines on the mat are very clear and striking.

And the lines permanently imbedded in the mat aid in teaching the correct swing and stance. It is a square cushion with a length of 1.5 meters, only 0.35m thick.So small and light cushions are very easy to carry and store. I am sure that you can take it with you and use it to practice swing at any time you want. Just choose us!Welcome your consultation, we meet the acme of the perfection to serve for you.

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